6 ideas for spring weddings in 2023

6 idei pentru nunti de primavara

Spring is the season of regeneration and new beginnings. And just as nature begins a new cycle of life, so your love can mark a new stage through marriage.

Why should you organize the wedding in spring

There are many reasons to plan your wedding in spring, some of them being:

  • – first of all, the weather is starting to warm up, but it’s not stifling hot like the hot summer days
  • – then, seasonal flowers are very fragrant and colorful
  • – after the winter period when not many events are organized, people are more eager to party and will bring a more enthusiastic energy to your wedding.
Aranjamente florale primăvarăOrganizare eveniment Bucuresti

Ideas for spring weddings

If you’ve decided on a spring wedding but don’t know how you want the decor to look, here are 6 trends for this year:

1. Natural color palettes

In 2023, spring wedding color palettes are trending toward nature-inspired shades such as white, cream, lilac, peach, mustard, green, baby blue.

Aranjamente prezidiu nuntă primăvarăAranjamente florale nunți primăvară

If you’re not sure how to choose the color palette for your event, you can read the article: How to choose the color palette for your event?

2. Architectural lights
Next, lighting an event is an important part of the design, both to enhance the decor and to create atmosphere. This spring you can consider architectural lighting for your event.

3. Hanging flower arrangements
We like to create hanging circles that we adorn with flowers. These, however, are best suited to locations with higher ceilings.

idei Botez la Snagov Club by IDYLLICidei pentru evenimente de primăvară

To see how we created the decor for a christening with hanging arrangements, you can check out the article: How to choose the color palette of a baptism?

4. Lemonade bar

Spring is a season of renewal, of connecting with nature. Even though cocktails add a little extra entertainment to the event, it can be a good idea to have a stand with lemonade and other non-alcoholic drinks.

5. Arches adorned with spring flowers

The arches can be used for both photo corners and outdoor religious ceremonies. They are very versatile and look great in photos. Even more so when they are placed in a beautiful background.

Photocorner decorat cu flori de primăvară Ceremonie religioasa Sinaia

6. Natural wedding favors
What more fitting favors than plants can you offer in spring? We usually choose succulents because they’re easy to care for, come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and represent a special attention for the guests.

marturii de nunta naturale

Spring weddings open the season, are rich in color and fragrance and are inspired by gardens. Compared to summer weddings, they have a more intimate atmosphere that gives your event a special meaning. 

No matter when you choose to have your wedding, it’s guaranteed to be a memorable time. That’s why it would be a good idea to consider working with an event organiser. That way, you can make sure you have a great event while focusing on the beautiful parts of planning without too much hassle. For more details, you can contact us via the form.
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February 28, 2023, Idyllic