How did we organize a fairytale wedding?

All the elements of this wedding transport you into a fairytale.

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De ce sa alegi o nunta de destinatie?

Why choose a destination wedding?

Destination weddings give an even more special and important touch to your wedding.

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7 idei de decor pentru o nunta romantica

8 decor ideas for a romantic wedding

The colors of a romantic wedding are generally more pastel, feminine, diaphanous.

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cum poti avea o relatie armonioasa cu wedding planner-ul

How to have a good relationship with a wedding planner?

Key elements of a successful collaboration with a wedding planner

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7 myths about the role of an event planner

Overturning preconceptions about event planners

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Aranjamente florale nunta

What is the best time of year to organize your wedding?

Here's what makes a wedding in each season special.

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Organizare botez Narrative

What are the steps in organizing a wedding?

Organizing a wedding is not an easy process, but it is certainly a beautiful one.

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Cum să alegi tipul de aranjament floral potrivit pentru evenimentul tău

How to choose the right types of flower arrangements?

What to consider when choosing event flowers

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6 idei pentru nunti de primavara

6 ideas for spring weddings in 2023

In 2023, spring wedding color palettes are trending toward nature-inspired shades

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Cum sa alegi cromatica evenimentului tau

How to choose the color palette for your event?

The way you choose colors can reflect your personality.

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Cum sa alegi un photo corner in functie de locatia evenimentului

How to choose the right Photo Corner?

In photos, it is important how the background will look like.

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Concept nunta in stil italienesc

How can you have an Italian inspired decor?

Have you always dreamed of a wedding in Italy, but it doesn't fit into your budget?

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Planning botez

How to choose the color palette of a baptism?

In 2023, color palettes will increasingly focus on natural colors that bring the outdoors in.

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Organizare botez Tuya

4 ideas for a successful baby girl’s baptism

In the end, what matters most is creating unforgettable memories with your child.

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Nuntă în Culori Calde de Toamnă la The Tent by Clubul Diplomatic

Fall Wedding in Warm Color Tones

Victoria and Dragos' wedding is the perfect example of a successful collaboration

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6 reasons why you should call an event planner

An event planner is meant to turn your vision into reality

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Sfaturi pentru bugetul de nunta

8 tips on the budget for the wedding

My advice: never go into debt to pay for a wedding.

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Singura inspiratie de care am nevoie

The only inspiration I need

If you ask me what inspires me the most, the answer is simple: love and all its derivatives.

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What can you do if you have a wedding scheduled during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis?

Here are some steps to follow

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