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Candy Bar & Cakes

December 6, 2019

Idyllic Candy Bar– Elegance. Class. Exquisite Taste

A distinctive side of Idyllic events is creating the sweets in our own lab. We have created a range of fine desserts and exquisite decors in a Candy Bar that delights all your senses.
The creative concept of dessert, presented in a unique décor, Idyllic Candy Bar brings value for every special event, whether it’s a wedding, baptism, party or corporate event. The cupcakes, pop cakes, Belgian chocolate mousse, macarons, tarts and a lot of delightful desserts, are all part of the Idyllic Candy Bar. In addition, we take into account the event style for each candy bar and we create the desserts to match it. We take care of each detail: from the colour pallet, design, forms, messages sent and many others. No detail is left at random. The dessert table is carefully conceived so that it is a real surprise and treat for the guests.

Created with soul and decorated with taste, our desserts indulge all of our guests’ senses. You can see more pictures from our events here.

Because we like to bring satisfaction to the highest level, we make delicious cakes, artistically decorated in any desired theme. The cake is one of the most appreciated visual and tasteful elements of an event.

Even though many traditions are constantly undergoing changes and modernizations, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t drool when it comes to the event’s cake. Many of us associate the cakes with the birthday parties from childhood and other events full of good cheer. When the event is a wedding, the cake is the first sweet thing that the husband and the wife officially share, right in front of their guests, which is becoming an essential link in the memory chain.

You are dealing with a complex event and you need more services and products from our behalf, then it would be a pleasure from us to propose you a full package that could satisfy your wishes. We provide floral design from our own workshop, decorations, prints, weeding favours, and other products that we design for our customers. You can read more about event design here. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please ask for a quotation.

We are looking forward to using our creativity and talent for the creation of your event.

Nunta Sinaia

Event Design

April 4, 2019

How do we work? First, we meet each other. We can meet, or if you are not from Bucharest, we will talk on the phone, by e-mail or Skype. We will try to discover your style, your passions and your love story. We will create mood boards that reflect your dream wedding in various themes. If you haven’t yet decided on what you want, that’s ok.
We are here to help you with each detail. You will receive consultancy for the most suitable design, decorations, range of colours, floral arrangements, photo corner, candy bar and the entire set-up.
Subsequently, based on your choices, we will complete the design of the event with styling details like the arrangement of the entire wedding salon, its lighting, colour accents, wedding invitations, place cards, menus and other details that might create a harmonious and impacting setting.

Finally, we begin our work in creating the most beautiful memory for you and all your guests. We will be there during the day of the event, ensuring that everything is executed perfectly. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Ask for a quotation

Congratulations for this special day! A new family member is here to fill your life with joy and precious moments!
The baby’s day of baptism is a day that symbolically defines a new beginning. Let’s not forget that, from the baby’s point of view, it is in fact an excellent opportunity for a fist fantastic party from a long chain of events that will come in his/her life. For the parents, it’s a difficult period.

We all know that in the first months after the baby’s arrival, you, as a parent, don’t have too much spare time, even less the necessary energy to plan the whole event and to create the design concept of the baptism. We are here to help you and to offer you only the most pleasant part of the event, that of being in body and in spirit, in heart and in mind next to your baby. We will take care of every detail, starting from concept to the execution and implementation, all the way until finishing an unforgettable celebration.

The entire event will bear our signature and we ensure you that the only feeling that you will have at the end of the day will be an inner desire to repeat it the soonest possible … with a new member in the leading role. Are you interested in collagorating with us? Ask for a quotation

Do you have a product launch, a themed party or anniversary party? Whether you need help regarding the décor to implement your plans or you are interested in working with a creation team in order to conceive and execute the perfect theme for your company’s event, Idyllic Events is ready to impress.

We can deal with one or all the aspects, from set-up, to events design and planning so that the event is a success and unforgettable. Colours, flower arrangements, décor, props, lighting and music, are only some of the components that create the correct atmosphere. Share your ideas, and with our experience and creativity, we bring them to life. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Ask for a quotation

Your shop window display creates a maximum visual impact and parts you from the other competitors. Window displays with a special design play an essential role in attracting customers. We will create a concept that sends the intended message, to strengthen the image of your brand and to impress by uniqueness. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Ask for a quotation

Event Planning

April 3, 2019

A Specialist In Events Planning May Change Your Dream Into Reality.

A special event, whether it’s a wedding, baptism, anniversary or corporate event, might easily be one of the most cherished days of your life. We want the organisation stage to be special for you. We will help you to navigate easily through different decisions and to not worry until the long-awaited event. You will not have to worry about extensive searches, exhausting discussions with the suppliers, possible disagreements and inevitable unpleasant situations during the process of events organization. Planning with us might be almost as fun as the event itself.

The event planner is the bond, the facilitator between you (the client) and all the other providers. Even if hiring a specialist in events’ planning represents an extra cost, this person has more relationships and knowledge in the field and it may propose creative ways of organising the perfect wedding, within the limit of the available budget. Thus, you will benefit from better services at a more advantageous cost. By resorting to a specialist in event planning, you will get a real benefit: you will save time, energy and you will have more efficiency in organising the much-desired event. Meetings, telephone calls and emails with one single person- they are all unlimited with the common purpose of your event being perfect!

We will start the collaboration with a detailed discussion in order to identify your needs and wishes and to sketch the budget of the event. We will detail your preferences regarding each segment that we are going to take care of. According to the stage of your event planning, we will start the preparations from scratch of from the stage you left it. For each segment you will receive proposals targeted by the providers that could satisfy your needs. We are constantly up-to-date with the trends in the field and we are looking to build relations with as many providers as possible.

An event planner may also help you avoid all kinds of expensive mistakes. For example, you may want a band of 12 members, but a specialist may evaluate the available space in relation to the number of guests and could explain why this is not the most inspired idea. Most importantly, the planner deals with everything that is necessary in the day of the event. If you leave him/her in charge with the event and the contact person with all the providers, you will be able to enjoy the big day at the utmost level. Because we are double specialised, apart from the organisational part, you will receive consultancy for the entire design and décor concept that may transform your event into a dreamlike one. We will create an event with style and creativity, which will reflect your personality. More information on event design can be found here.

The price for an event planning differs according to the size and complexity of the event, so if you are interested to collaborate please ask for a quotation.

Organizare eveniment nunta

Logistics & Props

March 9, 2019

Because we are passionate about design, we are in a continuous search of decorations that can embellish our events. Our stock is comprised of: Chiavari chairs, Washington chairs, Pilgrim chairs, Chameleon chairs, plate settings, tableware, tablecloths, napkins, sofas, tables, lanterns, candlesticks, candle holders, vases and holders for floral arrangements, pots, frames, trays, volumetric letters, furniture, decorative holders for the candy bar, photo-corner, archways, panels and many other objects smaller or larger, perfect to create a story-like, refined, themed or elegant, simple or sophisticated decoration.

Are you interested in a specific object? Please ask for a quotation.