Event Design

Botez IDYLLIC Events

How do we work? First, we meet each other. We can meet, or if you are not from Bucharest, we will talk on the phone, by e-mail or Skype. We will try to discover your style, your passions and your love story. We will create mood boards that reflect your dream wedding in various themes. If you haven’t yet decided on what you want, that’s ok.
We are here to help you with each detail. You will receive consultancy for the most suitable design, decorations, range of colours, floral arrangements, photo corner, candy bar and the entire set-up.
Subsequently, based on your choices, we will complete the design of the event with styling details like the arrangement of the entire wedding salon, its lighting, colour accents, wedding invitations, place cards, menus and other details that might create a harmonious and impacting setting.

Finally, we begin our work in creating the most beautiful memory for you and all your guests. We will be there during the day of the event, ensuring that everything is executed perfectly. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Ask for a quotation

Congratulations for this special day! A new family member is here to fill your life with joy and precious moments!
The baby’s day of baptism is a day that symbolically defines a new beginning. Let’s not forget that, from the baby’s point of view, it is in fact an excellent opportunity for a fist fantastic party from a long chain of events that will come in his/her life. For the parents, it’s a difficult period.

We all know that in the first months after the baby’s arrival, you, as a parent, don’t have too much spare time, even less the necessary energy to plan the whole event and to create the design concept of the baptism. We are here to help you and to offer you only the most pleasant part of the event, that of being in body and in spirit, in heart and in mind next to your baby. We will take care of every detail, starting from concept to the execution and implementation, all the way until finishing an unforgettable celebration.

The entire event will bear our signature and we ensure you that the only feeling that you will have at the end of the day will be an inner desire to repeat it the soonest possible … with a new member in the leading role. Are you interested in collagorating with us? Ask for a quotation

Do you have a product launch, a themed party or anniversary party? Whether you need help regarding the décor to implement your plans or you are interested in working with a creation team in order to conceive and execute the perfect theme for your company’s event, Idyllic Events is ready to impress.

We can deal with one or all the aspects, from set-up, to events design and planning so that the event is a success and unforgettable. Colours, flower arrangements, décor, props, lighting and music, are only some of the components that create the correct atmosphere. Share your ideas, and with our experience and creativity, we bring them to life. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Ask for a quotation

Your shop window display creates a maximum visual impact and parts you from the other competitors. Window displays with a special design play an essential role in attracting customers. We will create a concept that sends the intended message, to strengthen the image of your brand and to impress by uniqueness. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Ask for a quotation