How can you have an Italian inspired decor?

Concept nunta in stil italienesc

Have you always dreamed of a wedding in Italy, but it doesn’t fit into your budget? You can still choose a wedding decor in this style that will transport you to your longed-for destination. In this article, we’ll show you an Italian-style wedding concept we created at the restaurant Ciao Niki.

Eugenia and Andi, the couple of this event, had planned their wedding during the pandemic. But due to restrictions they had to postpone it until the summer of 2022. In the meantime, their daughter Eliana has come along and turned the event into a combination between a wedding and a baptism. This made the day even more important, as it was a moment the whole family will always carry in their hearts.

Decor nunta Ciao Niki Organizare nunta Ciao Nikki

Why organize your wedding and baptism together?

As exciting as the process of organizing an event is, it will inevitably come with some stress and anxiety. Combining the wedding and baptism, therefore, means that these little inconveniences will only happen once. Also, the significance of the day will be doubled, being not only an unforgettable moment in the lives of the bride and groom, but also in the life of the most important fruit of your love, your baby. It is also fulfilling to enjoy each event separately, both the wedding and the baptism. At the same time, if you want to get rid of worries and expenses once, don’t be afraid to celebrate both at the same time!

How did we create the concept of the event?

First we chose the restaurant, Ciao Niki, located in the center of Bucharest. This being Italian style, we created the decor to embrace the design of the location. In creating the concept, we chose vibrant colors that would cheer up any guest, combining pink, coral, orange, yellow, and white. We chose flowers in this color palette such as peonies, tulips, roses, and ranunculus.

Concept nunta in stil italienescNunta Bucuresti by IDYLLIC

We combined floral arrangements done in a flared style with vases of different shapes and colors where we continued with the same flowers for the unity of design. Amongst the colorful and cheerful flowers, we also placed citrus fruits, suggestive of the Mediterranean area, on the table. Oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes gave an air of freshness to the decor.

Next, a playful and creative detail were the painted oranges that took the place of the classic table numbers. To complete the table decor, we chose tall candles and knotted napkins in mustard. We went one step further with the citrus slices shape, also making the menus in a semicircle shape. We placed these on black round plates to make a nice contrast.

How did we create an Italian-style photo corner?

For the photo corner, we suggested the bride and groom a round panel that we decorated on one half with flowers. We grouped the flowers by color to create a gradient effect. On the other half of the panel we positioned a mustard-colored chair, creating a more versatile place for photos. Next to the chair, on a wooden pedestal, we kept coherence through a flower arrangement in a round pot. As a final detail to make guests really feel like they were in Italy, a Vespa scooter was placed next to the photo corner. Its trunk was also filled with colorful and fresh flowers.

Photo corner in stil italienesc Photo corner nunta IDYLLIC

We had a wonderful time planning this vibrant event. And we want you to have the experience to match. That’s why we invite you to view our portfolio to get a full picture of the events we have organized and planned.

January 31, 2023, Idyllic