How to choose the color palette for your event?

Cum sa alegi cromatica evenimentului tau

Are you afraid to choose bright colors for your event? Can the impact of a bright color sometimes seem intimidating? The way you choose colors can reflect your personality. That’s why it’s good to follow your instincts when choosing colors for a key event in your life. However, if your apprehension stems from fear of attracting too much attention, we want to remind you that it’s your special day that you’ll always remember. And it’s good that this memory is a cherished one. We advise you to choose whatever colors make you smile, no matter what you think your guests will say.

Sofia’s mom was undecided on the color palette for her baby girl’s baptism. A little apprehensive about strong colors, she was initially thinking only pastels and very muted colors. While this is a viable option, Milena, event planner and creative director at IDYLLIC, felt her client’s apprehension had a deeper underpinning. If your event planner is an empathetic person, like Milena is, she may be able to spot some of the holdbacks and help you overcome the psychological threshold. She can also find a middle ground between the different preferences of the clients who come as a couple.

So here’s what Sofia’s christening looked like after Milena complemented the client’s vision with her event planning and design expertise.

Cromatica unui botez Cromatica evenimentului tau

Creating the concept 

The location of the event was Mogoșoaia Palace. In creating the concept, location plays an important role. In the case of this event, we chose logistics in line with the style of the Palace. To mimic the arches of the balcony, we chose the metal gate as photo corner. On both sides we decorated it with flowers and placed pots with plants and flowers of different heights to create the impression of a garden. To add warmth to the design we also added wooden lanterns. The color palette for the event was made up of fuchsia, lilac, coral, pink and cream.


Creating table arrangements

For this event, we chose short floral arrangements, which we alternated with flower vases of different heights. The black vases used in creating the arrangements enhance and bring out the colors of the flowers. At the same time they are in harmony with the black windows of the palace. Further, we matched the vases with black candle holders. In order not to overwhelm the design, we chose clear-rimmed glass plates and silver cutlery. The napkins are a diaphanous detail that sweetens the table arrangement. They are knotted only at the top, creating a spiral, like a ballerina twirl. Continuing the concept with another unique detail, the personalized menus have a baby’s hand print.

Design-floral-evenimente Design-floral-evenimente

Candy bar arrangement

For this baptism we also provided the candy bar. In addition to themed sweets such as cupcakes decorated with Sofia’s name or macaroons in the baptism’s colors, the logistics of a candy bar are also important. So we chose a wooden table to continue the style given by the lanterns and chairs. Further, we used plates like the tableware and a footed platter from the same set. Last but not least, the coherence of the design culminated in the black-rimmed glass holders, inside of which we placed flowers from the table arrangements.


The client’s fear of vibrant colors disappeared once she saw the harmonious combination of all the design elements. She enthusiastically embraced Milena’s concept, trusting her experience in creating exquisite events. In planning an event, it’s not just about the organizational details, but also about creating a human connection. Milena takes the time to get to know each client and transform their vision into reality. 

Organizing an event can be a fun process and an opportunity to create new relationships. If you would like to find out more about our you can visit our services page or contact us via the form.


February 17, 2023, Idyllic