How to choose the right Photo Corner?

Cum sa alegi un photo corner in functie de locatia evenimentului

Sometimes choosing a photo corner can seem complicated. But it will all become simpler once you know the types of photo corner and in what context each suits better. Read further to find out 5 types of photo corner and why they are important for your event.

What should you consider when choosing your photo corner?

In choosing the right photo corner for your event, it’s good to consider the background on which it will be placed. In photos, it is important what the background will look like. Therefore, if the location has a beautiful settingp, such as a natural landscape, we can choose an open photo corner that will frame it. If, however, it’s against a wall or there is no attractive background, then a full photo corner, such as a panel, is recommended.

What are the types of photo corners?


    1. 1. Circle decorated with flowers
      This type of photo corner can be made on a wooden stand, then decorated with flowers and greenery, or on a wicker stand. We use it mostly for outdoor events.
Cerc impodobit cu flori Snagov MansionPhoto corner in functie de locatia evenimentului
    1. 2. Arch or Semi-Archad
      The arch of flowers can be full or half-full. The segmented one can be continued on the floor to create a flower aisle. That gives the impression of a garden.
cum sa alegi un photo cornerPhotocorner decorat cu flori
Photo Corner eveniment Domeniul ManasiaArcada-decorata-cu-flori
    1. 3. Metal gate
      The paint of the gate can be in any color that suits the chromatic of the event. We can decorate it with flowers and greenery, and vases with flowers or arrangements giving the impression of a garden are placed at its base. In addition, we can write on the gate the name of the bride and groom or the christened baby.
Poarta decorata cu flori
    1. 4. Round panel
      This type of photo corner is suitable for places that don’t offer an attractive background that looks good in photos. We can decorate the round panel with flowers on the top only, symmetrically on the top and bottom, or asymmetrically. Moreover, we can write a message on it. For christenings, the panel can be decorated half or completely with balloons. To create a more versatile place for photos that will impress your guests, you can also add a floral arrangement or even a chair.
Photo corner in stil italienescPhotocorner-botez-Casa-di-David
Photo cornerPanou rotund decorat cu flori
    1. 5. Rectangular panel
      It is very similar to the round one, the difference being in shape and height. This type of photo corner is more suitable for spaces with a high ceiling. The panel we use is on a gold metal support from which you can hang glass spheres containing candles. This gives the space an idyllic atmosphere.
Nunta Casino SinaiaPanou dreptunghiular Photo Corner

How important is it to have a photo corner at your event?

When your event decor is beautiful, photos can look good anywhere. And just because you have a photo corner doesn’t mean all your photos will be taken there. However, a place that’s specifically decorated for photo shoots will make your event more meaningful. Your guests will fondly remember that event as giving them a corner to create memories with you. Moreover, the photos will retain a consistency, having a more unified look in the album.

If you’re still undecided about your photo corner, you can leave us a question in the comments and we’ll give you the additional information you need. You can also check out our Pinterest board for more photo corner ideas.

February 11, 2023, Idyllic