How to choose the right types of flower arrangements?

Cum să alegi tipul de aranjament floral potrivit pentru evenimentul tău

There are many aspects to consider when organizing an event. Besides the many stressful details such as finding a date that suits all the important guests, choosing the types of flower arrangements should be an enjoyable activity. When you hire a floral decorator, they will know how to guide you toward choosing the right arrangements. But it will be much easier for you to make your choices if you already know what to consider.

What to consider when choosing event flowers

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the types of floral arrangements for your event. The most important ones are:

– the space where the event will take place – depending on the style of the location, the floral design will be chosen according to it (it can be either in tune with the style or in contrast with it)
– the color scheme of the space – all details such as carpeting, wall colors or wallpaper, curtains, tablecloths, etc. should be considered
– type of tables – round, rectangular, square, longer or shorter
– the season of the event – depending on the season we will choose the most suitable flower species
– available budget – tall, bulky arrangements require a larger budget, but if you want a smaller budget you can opt for low arrangements.

Once you’ve set the location and know all the details you need to keep in mind, it can also help to know the types of floral arrangements.

Types of flower arrangements

1. Central floral arrangements at height
These are particularly suitable for round tables and higher ceilinged spaces at events with larger budgets.

tipurile de aranjamente florale potrivit pentru evenimentul tăuCum sa alegi aranjamentul floral

2. Low central floral arrangements
Low arrangements work best on rectangular tables, where they can be placed one next to the other and combined with flower vases to give coherence to the design. These arrangements can also be suitable for events on a smaller budget.

Aranjamente florale potrivite pentru evenimentul tauCum sa alegi tipurile de aranjamente florale pentru nunta

3. Flower arrangements for cocktail tables

These types of arrangements are small and decorate the cocktail tables where guests gather before the bride and groom arrive.

Tipurile de aranjamente florale potrivite pentru mese de cocktail

4. Flower arrangements for the entrance
Arrangements placed at the entrance are imposing and are meant to surprise guests and give them a first impression of how the party venue is decorated.

tipurile de aranjamente floraletipul de aranjament floral potrivit

5. Flower arrangements for the bar
The bar is a focal point where many people gather throughout the event, and can be decorated in a variety of ways, depending on the shape and size, as well as your budget.

how to choose the types of flower arrangements

6. Wedding presidium

The presidium is the arrangement that decorates the bride and groom’s table. It should be inspired by the central table arrangements, but with a special touch added that sets it apart.

types of floral arrangementsAranjamentele florale potrivite pentru evenimentul tau

7. Floral arrangement for christening chrysanthemum
In the case of christening, you can opt for a circular arrangement to adorn the edge of the baptismal font.

the right types of flower arrangementstipuri aranjamente florale botez

8. Flower arrangements for the photo area
We can create a special arrangement for the place where photos will be taken, which is called photo corner.
To find out how to choose the right photo corner you can read the article: How to choose the right Photo Corner?

types of flower arrangements for your eventPhoto corner decorat cu flori Snagov mansion

9. Flower arrangements for the religious ceremony

Both table arrangements and arches or panels can be created for outdoor ceremonies.

Aranjament floral ceremonie religioasa types of flower arrangements

Flowers beautify any space, and your event is a moment you’ll remember for a long time. That’s why it’s important that everything looks the way you want it to. Depending on the location of your event, there are different criteria for choosing the right floral arrangements. These are the color scheme, the architectural style, the types of tables, and the season in which the event is held.

If you find it tedious and stressful to consider all these aspects when choosing floral arrangements, it may be a good idea to work with an event planner. You can see the services we offer on our dedicated page and contact us by phone or via the form for more details.

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March 2, 2023, Idyllic