The only inspiration I need

Singura inspiratie de care am nevoie

If you ask me what inspires me the most, the answer is simple: love and all its derivatives. It’s remarkable to see what you can accomplish when you do things with love. It all starts from there.

If you stop time for a second you will notice that love is the foundation of everything that is good and beautiful. It’s the fuel that keeps us in action. What would happen without it?

Love and passion are the two elements that succeed in this beautiful industry, to take someone’s dream and transform it into reality, perhaps even into inspiration for other people. Love nourishes the soul, heart and mind at the same time. Most of the time, it’s the muse of creativity. If I can’t do something with love and passion, then better not do it at all. Why? Well, because every time this industry, moving in a fast pace, makes us wonder: what leads me to go through all the moments of stress and tension? Why don’t I care about the many hours spent ridiculously to make things as close to perfection as possible? Why do I want to offer more, even though sometimes customers don’t seem to appreciate it? Why making someone happy means so much to me? It’s simple,: it’s because you’re passionate about what you do and this passion gives you energy. If you’ve had a rough week and one of these questions has been tormenting you, but you’ve continued to work without regret, then you know it’s all because of love.

With a happy heart,

December 9, 2014, Idyllic