What can you do if you have a wedding scheduled during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis?

Now it is the moment when we have to be responsible for our lives, but especially to protect our parents and grandparents, the most probable persons to get sick during this period. The authorities have publicly announced some precautionary solutions, which must be taken into consideration by each individual, in order to protect themselves and those around them.

These measures, but especially the speed with which the Coronavirus is transmitted, certainly alarmed many couples who planned an event in the next period. Whether it is a wedding or a baptism, many of you have carefully planned this event for a long time, you have contracted the location, the suppliers, you have consumed financial resources by paying money in advance, and now you are uncertain about the outcome of this because of the Coronavirus pandemic which already disturbs our daily life in a significant way.

I have already been asked by several of our clients how I suggest them to proceed. Many of them do not live in Romania and a considerable percentage of the number of guests involves people from other countries. The fear of traveling during this period directly affects the participation of the loved ones in the event, and the happy event in a couple’s life becomes a cause of stress and panic. What should be done in this case?

I am convinced that there are many people who are in such a situation and that is why I thought to write this article. Here are some steps to follow:

For the time being, it may be wise to consider scheduling virtual meetings with your event planner, if you have resorted to one of them, so as to avoid traveling, public spaces, and close contact with people. It is said that this Coronavirus does not resist to the heat, so as a preventive measure it is advisable to consider postponing the wedding for another time in summer or somewhere in the fall. Postponing the wedding can ease some of the incredible stress caused by organizing the event during the pandemic. Of course, rescheduling a large wedding, with many suppliers involved and guests arriving from all over the world, can be quite challenging. The first step is to talk to the location and check what data is still available. Then choose two or three variants of data that are convenient for you and your families, including for godparents, so that you can then discuss them with all contracted suppliers and see their flexibility and availability. In order not to miss the down payments given, it is important to find a favourable date for all parties involved.

For a smoother transition to a new date and a financial impact as small as possible, try to keep your supplier list intact. This can mean that you have to be flexible with your chosen day. If before you wanted your wedding to take place only on a Saturday, then maybe you should become a little more flexible and consider a Friday or Sunday, a day that is favorable for all suppliers. This change I am convinced will be embraced with pleasure by all your guests who know what difficult times you are going through during this period and, regardless of the chosen day, they will want to celebrate with you.

If you have made the decision to move the wedding date, then you have to announce the guests. The sooner you do this, the better for your guests. You show them that you care about them and you can tell them how important it is the participation of each and one of them. If you still do not have another date chosen, it’s ok, just communicate them your decision to move the wedding and tell them that you’ll come back as soon as the new day is chosen.

It is possible that many of you who will find yourself in the situation of re-planning the wedding to end up by making a compromise. Someone who dreamed of a wedding in March or April, with all nature returned to life, with high temperatures, with peonies and tulips on the table, to get to organize the wedding in October or November, with an autumnal decoration, because only then they will find the availability of all suppliers already contracted. But let’s look at the good side of things. It is better to be able to fully enjoy your event with all your dear and healthy ones, than to have only a few of your loved ones at the wedding and to be worried about the possibility of Coronavirus appearing among the guests.

Once you’ve made this decision, try to accept and not look back in anger. Embrace the change with serenity and do not let it be like a black cloud over your wedding experience.

If, however, you are going to organize an event immediately after the end of the ban given by the Government, no matter how small, I advise you to consider certain responsible steps to increase hygiene standards. The cleaning of each surface must be taken very seriously, since every wedding/ baptism/ anniversary includes groups of people, who are all gathered together, in a limited space. Greater distance between tables between guests should be considered and the physical contact between them should be reduced as much as possible. Also, serving food in the form of a buffet is not an option during this period, as the food should be served on separate and individual plates, a la carte.

For those of you having a wedding in the summer, I recommend that you should not make hasty decisions. An important aspect is to be informed from official sources about the spread and evolution of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to be able to make the best decisions regarding your event. We will probably all be marked after this period and we will get to wash our hands frantically every 10 minutes, but as I said before, we can take all kinds of safety and hygiene measures so that everyone feels comfortable at the event. .

I recommend you remain calm, stress-free, and with an open mind to the events that will follow. Always “after the storm comes good weather”. Think of how much joy, relief and gratitude you will enjoy at the wedding and with your loved ones after this period of trials and isolation.

I look forward to organizing this year’s idyllic weddings, even if the season will be delayed.


March 21, 2014, Idyllic